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Mark Brest van Kempen, "Living From Land", meal #22, 1998.


Mark Brest van Kempen, \   C. 1700
Mark Brest van Kempen, \   15 Cubic Meters of San Francisquito Creek
Mark Brest van Kempen, \   Marsh Zone 2000
Mark Brest van Kempen, \   Living From Land 1998
Mark Brest van Kempen, \   Cleaning System
Mark Brest van Kempen, \   Drinking Fountain for People and Plants
Mark Brest van Kempen, \   Free Speech Monument, 1991-1994

Mark Brest van Kempen

Oakland, California-based visual artist Mark Brest van Kempen's public art projects, exhibitions and performances recreate and reveal our complex relationship with the landscape. In "Living from the Land" the artist himself lived for a month off whatever he could find in the wilderness, documenting the process and meals eaten in a gallery setting. Large indoor and outdoor installations pay tribute to ecosystems past and highlight the passage of time, the depth of human impact on the land and our collective distance from our roots.

Brest van Kempen draws our attention to nature's role as source, setting and savior. In "C. 1700", the artist recreated a basin with marshy dunes, plants and animals (some extinct and endangered) that stood in place of the buildings and sidewalks of present-day San Francisco. "15 Cubic Meters of San Francisquito Creek", brought a meticulously reconstructed portion of a nearby creek to a local zoo so visitors could witness how elements within this ecosystem depend on each other for survival and the complex system of artificial life support (pumps, filters and electronics) needed to keep it flowing. "Cleaning System" completes the cycle with a washing machine   . .(Read more)



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