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Ruth Wallen, "Legends, The Camelot", 11"x14", p3 of 10 chromogenic print, 1991


Ruth Wallen   Children's Forest Nature Walk
Ruth Wallen   If Frogs Sicken And Die, What Will Happen To The Princes?
Ruth Wallen   Intimate Details/Cheena
Ruth Wallen   Legends
Ruth Wallen   Pet Rocks From Poway
Ruth Wallen   The Sea As Sculptress
Ruth Wallen   Viewpoints

Ruth Wallen

Whether she's photographing the decay of wood in the San Francisco Bay for the Exploratorium or the dynamics of naturally sculpted forms in Chaco Canyon for the National Park Service, Ruth Wallen combines research and observation with the art and culture of how we display information.

Her work with found vintage postcards and advertising brochures reveals a strangely familiar but disturbing vision of urban development. Interpretive signage, pop-up books and bus posters designed by the artist explore a range of techniques used to frame environmental issues and myths in society.


Artist Statement

Directions to Children's Forest Trail

If frogs sicken and die, what will happen to the princes? (website)

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