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Lilian Cooper, "Chausey Shell", text on shell: "A grey autumnal day with dreams of a Chausey Summer", the Iles Chausey are a nature reserve off the Normandy Coast, 1997


Lilian Cooper, "83 Connecticut leaves", 2000   83 Connecticut Leaves
Lillian Cooper, \   Flashcard series
Lilian Cooper,"Leaf", one of a series of 7 leaves, 2000   Other work

Lilian Cooper

Through drawing, adding texts to bits of nature and creating small sculptures out of soil, Lilian Cooper draws us into the life of trees, rocks and open landscapes the way certain scents can remind you of a favorite place. In this modern age we desperately need reminders like these. Lilian Cooper's work helps us heal the rift between people and the natural world around us.

"I am fascinated by the urban/rural dilemma, how the countryside has a far more integral relevance to our lives than simply a playground for leisure activities. Part of what drew me to working in Scotland, were the large tracts of unbuilt land, the open spaces. I am increasingly aware of the impact of tourism and other industries."

"I guess a unifying factor in much of my work is the exploration of small "wildernesses". Is it by recognizing & valuing even the smallest wilderness that change will be wrought?"



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