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Stacy Levy, "Urban Oldfield", 3' variable x 65' x 78', steel rods, with mylar, rubber, paper, leather vinyl and copper tops, particle board floor, sound, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA, 1998

Stacy Levy

"As a sculptor, my interest in the natural world rests both in art and science. I work within the two fields, using art as a vehicle for translating the patterns and processes of the natural world into the language of human understanding."

"I have worked to bring a whole neighborhood of microorganisms into view in a street in Seattle, to picture the gastronomic activity of the inhabitants of a creek at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. I have tracked the direction of the wind at a Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts, and collected the precipitation every day of a six month show in the Hudson River Museum to create a calendar of rainfall. I have mapped the watersheds of the Delaware River in Philadelphia and New Jersey and Yadkin River in Winston-Salem North Carolina with water collected from the actual tributaries. I am presently working on the final design documents for a sculpture in a new park on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, which shows the tidal movement and the hydrological patterns of the river."

"I am interested in showing the invisible aspects of the natural world at all of   . .(Read more)


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