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Laurie Lundquist, "Mountain Pass Pedestrian Bridge", concrete, steel and chain link, 1997

Laurie Lundquist

Based in the Arizona desert, Laurie Lundquist brings her wide ranging interests in water issues, landscape design and environmental education to her site specific art.

Her numerous public projects call attention to the site in ways that are aesthetically engaging and environmentally responsible. From playful projects with an important message (and political impact) such as "Skysweeper", 1989, to the wondeful contrast of the "Sweet Acacia Project (SAP)", 1999, for the mighty CAP water treatment plant in Scottsdale, Arizona, designed to provide a bare trickle of water to desert trees.

"Parks, open spaces and pedestrian corridors play a vital role in defining a city's identity; they are the places where we connect with our environment and our community. As an artist I am enthusiastic about the possibilities of public art contributing to the quality of life in the urban context.

I enter the site looking for details specific to that place or that context. Very often research will reveal interesting bits of history about the place. When I return to the site I look for physical characteristics that may echo the memories of the place and provide anchor points for art elements. I   . .(Read more)



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