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Gloria Lamson, Survey Tape Crossing Tide Pool, WA, ©2000


Gloria Lamson   Interactions In Time And Place
Gloria Lamson   Time and Tides
Gloria Lamson   The Island Project - 1996-2001

Gloria Lamson

Artfully blending her love of photography with a passion for the outdoors, Gloria Lamson's art is, in her words "a vehicle for exploration". She incorporates fire, water, earth, chalk, survey tape, twine, flour and other materials to create temporary forms in the landscape. Many of her photographs are the result of repeated interactions with a site and involve a series of images over time marking the disintegration or alteration of a piece through natural forces. Waves wash flour forms off a beach and rearrange a kelp circle. A gunpowder flash creates a mushroom cloud of fire on a sheet of paper floated onto still waters.

Gloria Lamson's art documents her experience of place and allows the rest of us to join her. Simple lines, circles and markings on the land magically activate the space around them and reveal underlying patterns and forms.



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