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Nils-Udo "The Nest", Earth, stones, birch trees, birch branches, grass, Lüneburg Heath, Germany, 1978


Nils-Udo,   Summer in the Park
Nils-Udo   The Nest
Nils-Udo,   Hommage à Gustav Mahler
Nils-Udo "The Frog", 1994   Water and Art
Nils-Udo "Box Stem Picture I"   Wood
Nils-Udo, "On the Island of Cres", 1988   Island of Cres
Nils-Udo,   Entrance
Nils-Udo,   Summer in the park


Bavarian artist Nils-Udo has been working directly with nature since 1972. One of our Curator's Choice Artists, Nils-Udo turned from painting nature to creating site-specific pieces using natural materials. His stunning and lyrical artworks have appeared in Europe as well as Japan, Israel, India and Mexico.

The artist works on site using found berries, leaves, sticks, the movement of water, the growth of plants. Each piece is in response to the landscape and materials he finds around him. The beauty of nature and the gently altered landscapes revealed in Nils-Udo's work are entrancing and mysterious. It is a seductive world of "potential utopias", colorful mounds, giant nests and dreamy days in the forest. Nature is the source and inspiration.

"Even if I work parallel to nature and only intervene with the greatest possible care, a basic internal contradiction remains. It is a contradiction that underlies all of my work, which itself can't escape the inherent fatality of our existence. It harms what it touches : the virginity of nature... To realize what is possible and latent in Nature, to literally realize what has never existed, utopia becomes reality. A second life suffices. The event has taken place. I have only animated it and made it visible."


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