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Ingrid Koivukangas, "5 Circle Project: Vancouver", Installation at CBC Studios, Vancouver, 2002

Ingrid Koivukangas

From her native Canada Ingrid Koivukangas brings a naturalist's sensibility to her multimedia projects and installations. Her work relies on a variety of techniques which all serve to bring nature to people's attention. Where are they from? What are these things?

Koivukangas uses site-specific ephemeral works, photography, video, sound, installation, collage and the internet. "I work at and from sites in the natural world. Viewers are encouraged to leave gallery settings with maps to find ephemeral site specific works or sites that natural materials in the gallery came from. The gallery work itself has ranged from installations bringing site materials to the gallery via video, photography, sound to framed works that combine site photographs with topographic maps, aerial photographs, stereoscopic glasses, GPS readings and natural site materials -- that combined, act as a map to the site."

Rows and boxes containing seeds of different shapes, leaves, flowers and abstract organic forms create a taxonomic grid of the little bits and pieces Canadian nature has to offer. Like an illuminated Rolodex of beautiful and familiar shapes, Koivukangas shows us what we're missing and more importantly where to find more of   . .(Read more)


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