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Stéphan Barron, "LE JOUR ET LA NUIT", Two computers, one in Brazil, one in Australia, averaged the images of the skies of the two countries, 1995

Stéphan Barron

Electronic art is matched with environmental sensibilities in French artist Stéphan Barron's "technoromantic" work. Using video, computers and community agit-prop Barron has found ways to bring abstract notions of space, gardening and urban land use to neighbors and gallery goers alike.

The challenge of much technology based work is often the distancing that occurs when presented by a computer screen. In works such as "Night and Day" Stéphan Barron brings the averaged sky tones from remote cameras in Brazil and Australia together into one computer image, creating a work that emphasises the electronic and environmental systems which unite far away lands. "Ozone" manages a similar feat by converting ozone levels in French car exhaust and Australian UV levels coming through the ozone layer into music. The abstraction and mystery provide a window into the surprising connections which connect us together.

Stéphan Barron also plants community gardens and in one piece from 1991 called "The Plants in My Garden" faxed images of his growing garden in France to a gallery in Prague echoing the growth at that time of the Czech Republic after Communism. Growth, interdependence and the effects of weather   . .(Read more)


Earth Art and techno-ecological romanticism

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