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Chris Booth, Cave, Takahanga Marae, Kaikoura, NZ, 1994-1997

Chris Booth

The impressive stone and earth sculptures of New Zealand artist, Chris Booth are feats of balancing, engineering and a widely conceived sense of place. Stacked stone forms refer to their origins in volcanos or river banks and are often gathered in consultation with representatives of local indigenous people.

Some sculptures feature stones set over logs and branches which are expected to rot, grow or cave in under the weight. Others are inspired by the biology of decomposition itself such as the Zunderschwamm, 1999. Inspired by decaying trees set aside in the Müritz-National Park in Germany "The bracket fungi that aid this decay inspired my form. Over years, as the supporting wood rots, the woven stone 'blanket' will slowly descend to the ground, where one day it will be flat on the earth."

There is an appropriate sense of geologic and human time throughout Chris Booth's stacked and layered structures. "Temporary" tree trunks which serve as the fragile supports for massive boulders find a human analogue as monuments to significant local historical events. It is as if these stones will agree to serve our purposes knowing that as memory and time progress they will once again meet the earth.


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