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Ann T. Rosenthal and Stephen Moore, "Infinity City 2001: March 28, 1941", one of eight email editions marking milestones in America's nuclear heritage for the year 2001.

Ann T. Rosenthal

While some artists focus on digging holes and hands-on reclamation, Ann T. Rosenthal is a passionate advocate for an "interprative" approach to environmental art which combines thorough research, documentation and electronic media installations. Her work is often collaborative as in her "Infinity City" project with artist Stephen Moore which explores nuclear waste and the environmental devastation caused by the atomic bomb.

Another collaboration with video artist Steffi Domike, and landscape architect Suzy Meyer called "Toxic Vernacular" makes visible the "toxic residues pervading Pittsburgh waterways and employs digitally manipulated postcards to parody our penchant for romanticizing the landscape as we poison it." Rosenthal's activist art takes a critical look at Western constructions of nature and suggests alternatives. By juxtaposing diverse images in her installations she encourages us to question our assumptions about the boundaries between nature and culture. "Informed by discourses that combine cultural theory and environmental studies, my work explores how nature has been "produced" throughout history, and how current developments in technology and bio-engineering are rewriting the territories of nature and culture."


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