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Steve Bradley, "informed by the discarded" my hand holding a crushed can with garbage found in the woods at 1900 west Highway 40, baltimore, maryland, October 22, 2000

Steve Bradley

Many artists have used trash to make art, but very few use art to present trash. The garbage works of Steve Bradley incorporate a variety of mapping strategies documenting the location and probable origins of this inescapable element of modern life. Bradley has also done a series of collaborative garbage based works with Paul Rutkovsky from trash collecting road trips.

The artist examines the origins and responsibility of trash and calls attention to its human culprits by tagging and labeling trash that has people's addresses on it and even sending them cards "thanking the consumer for the contribution to the exhibition."

"Through the juxtaposition of the street scene and found garbage I create a connection between where we are going and the place we are transiting through. My work is about the relationship between the place, the people and discarded material world."


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