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Shan Wells, "Leaf Press", recycled pine, maple & oak leaves, found steel and wood, 35" x 10" x 40"

Shan Wells

The sculpture, installations and drawings of Shan Wells explore the beauty and physical relationships of the natural world. Is it possible to visually express the feeling of a place, its dimensions and interconnected relationships? Wells' work addresses these and other issues through the prism of his experience in the land.

"I would hope that the work itself would help the viewer to perceive the minutia of nature- not a physical minutia, but the very things we take for granted as adults but were fascinated by when we were children- watching a spider spin a web, an ant do super gymnastics as it races over rough (to it) ground...listening to a tree trunk flex in a stiff wind. I would like to use the awesome beauty of nature to initiate a deeper respect of it a priori - without needing to be justified in human terms. Ironically, I often find myself employing visual metaphors that humans relate to on both a visceral level and a contextual one- like a grid, a sphere or a line."


Feel the Burn- by Susan Froyd

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