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Herman Prigann, Water Levels / Wasserstände, Marl, Germany, 2000

Herman Prigann

An important figure in the drive to reclaim devastated landscapes, Herman Prigann is one of Germany's preeminent environmental artists. Based in Spain, his large-scale landscape restoration projects involve the transformation of heavily impacted coal mining pits and industrial areas into artistic parks and public spaces internationally. Prigann looks to the broad economic, social and ecological conditions of each site in order to create lasting and aesthetic interventions.

His website, TERRA NOVA, states:
"It is necessary to create the preconditions for resource-yielding landscapes where energy raw materials were extracted.

The failure to use human energy and creativity toward these goals would throw doubt over the long term survival of communities.

Without an aesthetic and visionary starting point for the reshaping of the destroyed areas, there can be no positive identification with the landscape."


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