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Brad Schwede, "Sand Mud - Land Art," mud, Nudgee Beach, Australia, 2005

Brad Schwede

The contemporary practice of Land Art or what's known also as "art in nature" often involves creating beautiful patterns and forms for an outdoor site using only materials found nearby. In this tradition, Brad Schwede explores his native Australia, making temporary marks on the land and shapes out of sticks and leaves.

"Working with sand, dirt and mud really makes the creation a very tactile and messy experience. Creating a painting or sculpture in an indoor space is a controlled environment. When creating Land Art, if the wind blows or it starts raining, the work disappears right before your eyes and there is nothing you can do about it.

"My philosophy is only to create art that is sympathetic to the landscape and highlight the inherent design in all aspects - from the artwork components to its surroundings." For Schwede, this creative call and response, "focuses people's attention on an environment that is often taken for granted."


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