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Helen Lessick, "Memento Mori", ice and monofilament, 1999

Helen Lessick

Whether creating humorous brochures, online games or installation art, Helen Lessick approaches the world with a sense of play and reverence. One work called "The Trees" (2005) framed and enhanced the natural occurrences in a Santa Monica park as a three-act play. The artist created a series of limited edition "tickets" and "playbills" to the event, which included performances by horses, ladybugs and a month's worth of pine needles. Each performance took place within a time frame and context prescribed by Lessick.

Her installation work tends to involve the basic elements, as in her "House" (1987-2002) series, which includes houses of straw, fire, coffee grounds and ice. Many of the houses were left to decompose where they stood, leaving the viewer to contemplate the impermanence of shelter. Decompostion as a framework is also evident in "Memento Mori," (1999) in which the word TIME, made of ice and hanging middair, slowly melts away.


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