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David Haley, "Seeking an Unacceptable Profile: species nova [to look anew] No. 1", 2000.

David Haley

"I consider all my work to be a performance in some sense - change is an important element in its process/structure/form. Between the child-like excitement of the magical eruption of the Guinness Clock (originally sited in Battersea Park, London) and the adrenaline rush of stage fright, the works live or die. Reflecting on time and mortality, the 'art' exists in my attempts to reduce uncertainty to risk.

"I perceive our ability to survive climate change as the enactment of an evolutionary narrative. My interdisciplinary research attempts to integrate quantitative and qualitative methodologies into the creative process. This informs my practice to generate poetic dialogues that resonate as creative interventions in pursuit of aesthetic diversity to develop communities of inquiry for an eco-centric culture."


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