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Hester Reeve, "Diatribe on the Ebb of Our Estate", Lancaster University, UK, 2000.

Hester Reeve

"My activity as an artist has always been based on a radical critique of received culture and normalised expectations of individual human behaviour. However, my work is not a rebellious or boundary pushing practice - more of a committed, dramatic offering of a life dedicated to the origination of artwork - art as thinking well, art as manifestation of meaning through matter and art as embodied action.

"Live art has become my main medium for public engagement and drawing has become the private foundation of all I create. My live art works do not have communication as their goal (that would be to admit to a full understanding of the issues at stake and I want for no such mastery or closure). Rather, I attempt to explore and expose the human-nature landscape to the point where it becomes fragile, fractious and perhaps more 'truthful.' Pieces are usually site-specific and are emphatically unrehearsed, once-only events. Each live action is a starting point, an arrival into a new place of experience.

"The human being is a particularly strange animal in the field of nature. All is story, including nature. Some stories smell more   . .(Read more)


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