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John Lyall, "Requiem for Electronic Moa", SOUNDCULTURE aotearoa / New Zealand, at Hopetoun Alpha, 1999.

John Lyall

"Chaos is the natural ground state for any work for me. You drag form and content out of that chaos, and often then return it to chaos, disassembling it in some other order. But for the time that the work is in existence you get three states: the assembly state of some growing order; the organized state of the piece of work; and then you get the disorganization or dispersal.

"We are aware through the media of concerns at the extinction of more and more species, the destruction of habitats, the loss of global biosphere quality, and so on. At the same time as this surge towards extinction we have a massive growth in the invention of new classes of constructed 'animals', and new culturally constructed habitats: a whole plethora of digital creatures activating their simulated worlds.

"My work has nearly always been about 'nature', and often actually installed in the bio-physical reality: at Kare Kare on the west coast of Auckland, underwater at the Goat Island Marine reserve, in the Australian bush, and in Cambridgeshire in the UK."


Artist in Enterchange Exhibition

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