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r e a d e r, "Dumb Bunny", Tramway Dark Lights commission, Glasgow, Scotland, 2003.

r e a d e r

Reader was a Glasgow-based collaboration held between Hannah Chiswell (2001-02), Lalage Harries, James Leadbitter, Eilidh MacAskill and Robert Walton. During the four years that Reader existed the group produced 16 distinct performance works in a variety of sites and countries and with a host of guest collaborators.

"Through the varied pieces that we have created certain themes reappear: animals and nature, a conscious awareness of the present moment and the creation of memory, black humour and sincerity. We employ evolutionary shapes and timescales, making work based on the shape of a storm, the change from a day to a night, the change from a deer to a blue whale. We meet nature through visitation and becoming."


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