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Superflex, "Supergas", Bio-gas Lamp, Cambodia, 2002.


"We look at our works as tools. The tools are considered as invitations rather than representations; invitations that call for a participation and continuation. The tools represent models that are being used by different persons or groups. They are not 'alternatives' but are continuations and show real behaviour patterns.

The tools are based on a specific interest in social and economic commitment. The starting point for creating a tool is a belief in a heterogeneous, complex society. The set-up is developed in co-operation with diverse experts who, in turn, add their own specific interests. It can then be taken over and put into operation by various users. The tools invite people to do something: to become active. Tools are framed by and shaped in specific social and local situations and generate their meanings out of this specific context.

Through the tools we investigate communicative processes in which power, hegemony, assertion and oppression, the gain and loss of terrain become evident. Various parties, individuals or groups, enter the scene with strong personal and specific interests. They constantly influence how the tool is constructed and/or used. The set-up structures can be redefined by   . .(Read more)


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