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AMD&ART, Reclamation Ponds from above, Vintondale, PA


Amd and Art   Vintondale

AMD&ART/ T. Allan Comp

AMD&ART is a non-profit organization founded and led by T. Allan Comp PhD, a historian who works in the US Department of the Interior's Office of Surface Mining. Working with a collaborative group of artists, engineers and scientists, and the entire community of Vintondale, PA, AMD&ART restored a landscape polluted by coal mining and Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) into an artful public park that functions as a passive water treatment system.

Polluted water flows along the colorful plantings of a "Litmus Garden" into a series of large gravity-fed water treatment ponds lined with crushed limestone to neutralize the pH and remove toxic metals. The water continues through bioremediation ponds and into an educational History Wetlands area which further purifies the water before it joins a nearby river.

"Vintondale, Pennsylvania is the first site we have completed, but work is also underway in the 34 square-mile watershed of Dark Shade Creek, in Somerset County. Both projects lay the foundation for an entire Appalachian initiative addressing the economic, social and environmental problems AMD poses for eastern coal country."


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