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HeHe, Pollstream, (Champs d'ozone and Nuage Vert)", Saint Ouen, 2003.


HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen) reverse cultural engineers the technological systems that surround us: From transport design to pollution monitoring, from public advertisement to meteorology, from architecture to public lightning.

Their work seeks to go back in time, re-work past and as a result, re-phrase the existing into a new critical usage, a social function, with the spectator in its epicentre. At a time of ongoing technological expansion, progress starts to fray on its edges. How can we use and re-use, not only as a semiotic resistance against those who prey on the new, but also to return back to original invention, which have become clouded by recursive innovations. In this way, the work of HeHe is a process of reduction and subtraction until they find a point of departure, from which they can develop a usage with a plain functionality.

HeHe is a collective and a non-profit making organisation for production, founded in France by Helen Evans (United Kingdom, 1972) & Heiko Hansen (Germany, 1970). Helen and Heiko's work has been shown in a range of cultural contexts. Their installations have been presented at the Centre George Pompidou Centre   . .(Read more)


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