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Sara Jane Pell, "Undercurrent," 45cm transparent dome containing 16 minutes of air, 2007.

Sarah Jane Pell

Australian artist Sarah Jane Pell is a human factors researcher, live artist and philosopher. Pell became a fully qualified commercial diver and founded the Aquabatics Research Team in 2002 to explore commercial diving and creative practices together in a unique union. The primary function of Aquabatics research praxis is to critique and extend the human condition through the physical and psychological limits of the body and aesthetics of care operations and life support in extreme environments - from underwater, on earth and in outer space.

Originally focused on making underwater performances, Pell's work now spans aqueous live art, digital media, installation, prototype pneumatic technologies, philosophies and experiments with advanced life support and living systems.

"Humans experience many coexistent and contrary needs in relation to any given space. We have a desire for socialising, communicating and being close to others and, in direct contrast, we desire privacy, individuality and opportunities for meditation and creativity. I explore these issues and how they signify human patterns, rituals, behaviours and performances of day-to-day life through my laboratories and further imagine how they relate as a space analogue missions."


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