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Shelley Sacks, "University of the Trees: Mobile Lab 2", felt, Exeter, UK, 2006.

Shelley Sacks

Shelley Sacks, of the Social Sculpture Research Unit in the UK, creates engaging multidimensional art projects that encourage dialogue and reflection around social and environmental concerns. Her educational and participatory installations explore such issues as banana production, forest stewardship and our spiritual connection to the natural world.

A former student of Joseph Beuys, Sacks brings a profound understanding of the power of art to facilitate "trans-actions" between people, issues and places. She sees this transformative aesthetic as part of "an ecological life process... that includes non-material processes and relates to all spheres of activity. Such works are, therefore, as much to do with consciousness work, soul-making and personal transformative work as they are to do with social process and natural environmental concerns."

One project, "University of the Trees" (2006) in the Haldon Forest, near Exeter in the UK, is an ongoing series of participatory installations and dialogues designed to foster "a more responsive relationship with the trees as our teachers." #2 of several Mobile Labs, is a "golden felted mantle" placed around a tree which provides a gentle space to listen and reflect on the importance of forest stewardship.

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