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Trashformaciones, "Trashforma04", 166 recycled stainless steel sink basins, 2004.


Brothers Pablo and Blas Montoya in Spain formed an art and design collective in 2002 called Trashformaciones to take advantage of the family scrap iron recycling business. Using the wealth of discarded objects at hand, they began creating unusual furniture and art installations out of metal washbasins and bathtubs and exhibiting them outdoors and in museums and gallery spaces.

One of their more ambitious projects, "Trashforma 04" is a perfect cube, 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) per side, created by joining 166 recycled stainless steel sink basins. Inspired by the blazing sun and coastline of their native Valencia, the Montoya brothers and friends created a large mobile chamber for the beach that filters sunlight through the drain openings.

Each sink creates an aperture for the sun's rays which then project into the interior of the cube, creating a pattern of light that changes direction throughout the day. The cube itself has been exhibited at various festivals, museums and beach locations throughout Spain and inspired panel discussions at recycling conferences.

Other projects include a large sculptural wall made of crushed aluminum molding, flowers made from metal turbine blades, artful public seating made out   . .(Read more)


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