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Cary Peppermint, Wilderness Information Network, Summer 2006 - Quicktime documentation of a solar-powered environmental sound installation involving over 30 international artists selected to create a sonic field of information imagining human-nature sonic communication.

Cary Peppermint

Through his work with "The Department of Ecology, Art, and Technology", Cary Peppermint and his collaborators document, transmit, remix and cross reference the many "restless" links between nature and digital technology. Through immersive multimedia installations, collaborative events, performance, sound art and the internet, Peppermint seeks to "artistically and creatively imagine non-primitive, ecologically sustainable futures".

"Wilderness Trouble V1.0 " is one of various short Quicktime videos made with collaborator Christine Nadir. It revolves around their experiences living on a rural property in New York State. A haunting computer generated voice recites a steady litany of tech/rural contradictions as images of forests, subways, deer and solar panels jitter and flash by. "Concepts of wilderness, space, the American frontier and environmental ethics" clash with and inform how "new media technologies both limit and expand our conceptions of nature and the environment."

Other projects include the initiation and curation of two international exhibitions in 2005 of "digitally infused eco-art". The "Wild Information Network", a series of solar powered sound-art transmissions held on the Environmental Campus of Hartwick College in the upper Catskills of New York State brought over 30 international sound artists together to explore the fertile intersection of these fields. TECHNORGANIC was another invitational event dedicated to the "merger of new media art technologies with an emphasis on creative figurations of the natural environment". It included a range of art works in digital video, animation, multimedia-performance, installation and sound works.

Digital technologies have revolutionized our world and shaped our understanding of it as well. Cary Peppermint and his collaborators turn these creative tools towards issues of sustainability and the wilderness, generating feedback that helps shed light on what it means to be connected in modern times.



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