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Ko, Seung-hyun, "Me and the Cow", Spring Performance, San seong-Park, Gongju, 1983.


Ko, Seung-hyun, Sachsenberg Kayagum, Germany, 2005   Kayagum
Ko, Seung-hyun,   Nature Art

Ko, Seung-hyun

Co-Founder in 1981 of the South Korean Nature Art Association known as YATOO, Ko, Seung-hyun is a lyrical master of branches transformed into musical instruments and ordinary interactions with stones, shadows, insects and animals in which the artist melts into the landscape around him. Magical and filled with a gentle sense of wonder at the beauty of the world, these projects convey a certain innocence and an invitation to play.

Ko divides his work between the making of large site-specific Kayagum (Korean stringed instruments) in forests and public parks and a long standing career making what is known in South Korea as Nature Art, a term he coined in 1983. These Nature Art projects generally involve simple interactions with whatever natural materials and wild creatures the artist finds outdoors. There is a sweet innocence to these images and a profound tactile sense of identification with the natural environment.

"Nature Art is influenced by nature's elements. When you go through a river, you follow the stream, the wind comes, the color is changing, you follow the natural cycle and it becomes a natural movement," explains the artist. Some people" mix difficult words, use special sophisticated expressions as explanations. I do not like this way. For me Nature Art should be easy to understand."

Some experiences are best left unexplained. Ko, Seung-hyun's work is direct, engaging and infused with a love of place, like the gentle sound of a Kayagum in the woods.


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