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Baile Oakes, "Global Warming Rider" ©1999


Baile Oakes   A Question of Balance
Baile Oakes   Gestation
Baile Oaks   Legacy
Baile Oakes   Play Area/Solar Garden
Baile Oakes   Solar Calendar
Baile Oakes   Global Warming
Baile Oaks   Silver Sands Park

Baile Oakes

Sculptor and author of "Sculpting with the Environment" Baile Oakes is on a mission to "use our visual language to help bring our culture to a fuller understanding of our place within the living systems of the Earth." His outdoor projects involve creating park environments and playful interactive sculptures which educate children and adults alike. Many of his artworks highlight natural phenomena such as the solar calendar, desert landscapes, and the importance of water.

Baile Oakes favors hands on activities in the public play spaces he creates. Wheelchair accessible hand pumps and elevated sand trays help children work together directing water into canals and basins carved into the sand. A bicycle powered exhibit (with a solar option for nonpedalers) fills a model of the San Francisco Bay to overflowing and then back again to demonstrate the catastrophic effects of a mere 3 foot rise in the world's oceans due to global warming.


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