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Chris Welsby, "Sea/Shore", 1979, 5 min, B&W, silent, 16mm.

Chris Welsby

Since 1969, English-born experimental filmmaker Chris Welsby has been exploring the complex interplay between the moving image, landscape and the natural world. He has developed special cameras which rely on wind speed or tidal action to create sometimes jarring or mysterious film and video installations for galleries and major museums internationally. These projects often explore the inherent framing and distancing that occurs as we contemplate the world around us to suggest "a more symbiotic model in which technology and nature are both viewed as inter-related parts of a larger gestalt."

"Anemometer", a ten minute silent film from 1974, focuses on a fixed view of traffic across a small park in London called Euston Square. The camera motor was driven by a device that measures wind speed called an anemometer so that the faster the wind blew, the faster the film went by. If the wind stopped altogether, the camera would stop as well, leading to an apparent break in continuity in the overall film. "As a result of this process", explains the artist, "cars, buses and pedestrians are seen in 'gusts', the mechanistic rhythm of the traffic lights no longer dominates   . .(Read more)


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