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Abigail Doan, "Crocheted Snow", tencel fiber, branches, ice, snow, 2005.

Abigail Doan

A self-described "art-farmer living part of the year in an urban nest [New York City] and part of the year on a farm in Tuscany", Abigail Doan's artwork interconnects her experience of place using natural fibers and plant material. Often as ephemeral interventions, carefully photographed, her projects coalesce tenuous layers of thought with the fragile beauty of vegetation and the outdoors.

Projects such as "Crocheted Snow" (2005) and "Windwalker" (2006), use white and colored twisted strands to highlight the natural beauty of a snowy branch or a pinkish shrub in ways that seem strangely appropriate. As temporary interventions, Doan's fibrous squigglings look as if they are part of the landscape. Other projects weave plant material in with the fiber to create marvelous vines and abstract diagrams in the air.

Through these projects, Abigail Doan seeks to entwine her ideas about "environmental tinkering and sustainable practice." According to the artist, "I cannot effectively interpret the nuances of a place unless I have spent time there - traversing, studying, and absorbing its unique beauty and hardship. I search for fragilities and subtle layers that might otherwise be overlooked or ignored. I am searching for   . .(Read more)


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