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Linda Gass, "Puzzle of Salt", Wetlands of San Francisco Bay, 29" x 29", silk crepe de chine hand painted using acid dyes and gutta-serti with some salt effects, 2005.

Linda Gass

Fabric artist and award winning quilter, Linda Gass, is passionate about the water issues which dominate the American West. Her ephemeral land art installations (using blue tulle to indicate stream beds and water levels) and detailed quilts illuminate the maps, images and ideas behind some of the region's most contentious water struggles.

"I grew up in California and have spent countless hours exploring the beauty of its mountains and deserts. My works are inspired both by my technical background [BS in Mathematics, MS in Computer Science and 10 yrs. in graphics software design] and by the environment around me - the natural wilderness and the man made interventions."

Several of Gass' quilts, such as "Geography of Hope: Hetch Hetchy " (2001) feature detailed map views of major California water sources, photographic images on silk and embroidered text. These beautiful fabric works critique the controversial damming of the once beautiful (and Federally "protected") Hetch Hetchy valley to provide hydroelectric power and water for San Francisco, and the draining of Mono Lake to send water to Los Angeles.

"We rely on this water to live yet we have created an infrastructure that   . .(Read more)



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