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Richard Solomon, "Seed Sun", print size: 24"h x 30"w

Richard Solomon

"Seed Shaman" Richard Solomon brings a passion for the plant world to his photographs and organic sculptures. Combining roots, grasses and the beauty of seeds, Solomon creates windblown compositions and mysterious knotted clumps which dance between abstraction, botanical reverence and the medicine bundles of traditional healers.

"Plants are a living tribe, an indigenous tribe. Plants see life differently. They have different customs. They speak another language. My art is an attempt to translate their language so that the true story of the planet can be told. Each seed, root or pod contains the earth's history."

There is a deep reverence for the Earth and its many wonders in Solomon's work. Ilfochrome prints and wall-mounted "Seed Catchers" reveal an effort to bring this sense of reverent awe into the modern distribution context for art. Where spiritual beauty was once integrated into daily life, Richard Solomon's art finds a way to inspire us through the calligraphy of seeds and natural fibers despite a modern context of industrial consumerism.

His work suggests that somehow the magic of nature may somehow even transcend the art.


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