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Daniel Dancer, Zero Log Trucks Circle, Coeur d'Alene National Forest, Idaho, 2000


Daniel Dancer, \   Sky Griz

Daniel Dancer

Dancer is the founder and director of the ZeroCircles: an ongoing national environmental art project designed to help end commercial extraction on public lands. "From the megalithic stone rings of Britain to the medicine wheels of Native America, humans have built circles to celebrate their connection to Earth. Circles are zeroes as well, and today it is the zero we must employ to help protect the ecosystems which sustain us: zero pollution, zero waste, zero population growth, Zero Cut on Public Lands. The purpose of this project is to artfully engage Americans with the crisis in their National Forests by building and documenting 'zerocircles' that dramatize the need to end commercial extraction--mining, logging and grazing for private gain--on OUR public lands."


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