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Anke Mellin, "Up or Down", The differences between natural and artificial ways of life, wood, 1996.

Anke Mellin

Both as an artist and as a curator of exhibitions worldwide, Anke Mellin brings her interest in nature to public parks and "unexpected, undeveloped, and unlikely public places." Her conceptual structures are "pieces/places for observation and experience. I ask myself if mainly mental and physical experiences can change the perception of the world?"

Her project, "Up or Down", is a wooden structure set in in the middle of a flat agricultural field. Seven stairs go up to a platform for viewing the horizon, and experiencing the site. Another seven stairs go down to a dark room illuminated by a translucent blue wall. "The land itself is man made from land recovered from the North Sea. The landscape is covered by man-made objects like wind generators and nuclear power stations producing electricity. This work focuses on the differences between natural and artificial ways of life that we have to bear in mind and perhaps to choose."

Other projects include little rooms for observing the effects of wind, viewing platforms along rivers, a "Tower for Observation of Beavers and Birds" (1999), Earthwork steps dug into the ground for observing soil, and even a floating wooden   . .(Read more)



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