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Lorna Green, "Enjoy, View and Use", 2004, two amphitheatre forms divided by a ridge for play, performance and events, The Hamptons, at Worcester Park, Surrey, England.

Lorna Green

UK-based artist Lorna Green emphasizes the public sculpture side of environmental art in her work with large and small scale spaces which create opportunities for people to gather.

These mediated landscapes include science gardens, artificial hills, stone waterways and site reclamation components using landfill, painted rocks and urban waste. Green's work is often site-specific, considering the history, economy, landscape or mythology of the area she's working in.

"Earthwork Olympus" (1996-99) was created using construction debris and earth displaced through the creation of a new shopping center. The title refers to the Rolls Royce Olympus airplane engines used at a nearby airfield and creates a massive hill of curved sweeping forms facing a pond. The shape of the earthwork also resembles ridges found on its namesake, Mount Olympus, in Greece.

Part of her goal is to create human-scaled environments that connect people to place in subtle, pleasant ways using natural references. "People use my projects and often don't realise they are in a sculpture but just feel comfortable there." Lorna Green's urban and rural revitalization projects in villages, housing developments, hospitals and parks may involve collaborations with architects and planners or may consist   . .(Read more)


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