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Mara Adamitz Scrupe, "Back To Nature: Collecting the Preserved Garden", 2003

Mara Adamitz Scrupe

Rural Virginia-based artist Mara Adamitz Scrupe brings nature to the city to help reconnect urban dwellers with the land they tread on. Through indoor and outdoor installations, Scrupe explores the complex juncture of nature and technology merging ethnobotany with renewable energy systems.

In her most recent installations, Scrupe recreates the domesticated nature of self-sustaining organic gardens. Within a gallery setting, she meticulously recreates functioning greenhouses with grow lights, circulation fans, misters, endangered native plants, and handmade planters, and combines them with lightboxes featuring Duratran images of 19th and 20th century floral paintings and her own self-designed solar power station.

Past works involved more playful hybrids of technology and natural forms and included constructing enormous, illuminated vegetables forms in Lithuania to address bioengineering and critique fossil fuel use, and merging 300 porcelain light fixtures with drywall compound in a solar-powered "Hornet's Nest" to depict the overthrow of an abandoned construction site.

"My work is... an attempt to help reestablish this critical spiritual connection between humanity and the efficiency, wildness, beauty and sensory delight of the natural environment". By bridging this rift between urbanites and the natural systems, wildlife and outdoor environments which surround   . .(Read more)


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