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Diana Lynn Thompson, Numbered Leaves of a Katsura Tree, "Hundreds and Thousands", 2000, Bear Creek Park, Surrey, BC, Canada

Diana Lynn Thompson

Diana Lynn Thompson's thoughtful and visually stunning artworks bridge the gap between ephemeral "art in nature" installations and community-based conceptual art. Whether meticulously numbering or adding people's names to thousands of leaves, or distributing engraved seashells to 140 people from around the world as gifts to the sea (and carefully documenting the process), Thompson links ordinary people to the nature of her native Canada. She believes "the process is the teacher" and like a drop of water eroding a boulder, the implications of her projects are deeply moving.

"Hundreds and Thousands" (see image) was a year-long project where Thompson numbered every leaf on five trees as well as wrote poetry on additional leaves in a park in Surrey, British Columbia. As the leaves fell, Thompson washed and flattened, and then pinned all 38,000 of them, with the help of visitors, to the Surrey Art Gallery's walls. Leaves inscribed with poetry were left for visitors to chance upon them in the park.

In "Gesture", Thompson began a suite of coastal ephemeral art in nature projects using sand and sea shells and beach clean up. What made these interventions unusual (aside   . .(Read more)


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