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Anne-Katrin Spiess, Elements/Red Soil, Utah, 2000

Anne-Katrin Spiess

"Probably the most important underlying quest of all my work is the search for a reconnection to the essence and to the roots of human existence and to the earth. My projects are part conceptual installation, part performance, and they are for the most part temporary. They are documented through video, text and photography, and then disassembled again, so that only the memories remain..."

New York based artist Anne-Katrin Spiess brings a deeply personal sensibility to temporary installations in the wild which involve site specific "beds" and "bathtubs" made of carefully piled stones and allow her to connect and merge with the Earth.

For the public, Spiess designed the "Thinking Box", a portable box designed for urban dwellers to bring along with them to remote landscapes. Like an instant gallery space or meditation room, these boxes provide a familiar yet utterly incongruous space to contemplate the environment, relax and be.

Other projects call attention to human impact on the earth through collections made by the artist of trash and discarded materials found along beaches and remote byways. Presented in plexiglass cubes and rectangles like minimalist icons, Spiess literally brings her   . .(Read more)



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