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Artist Statement

Abandoned mine drainage is only superficially a water problem: more deeply, it is emblematic of the malaise of economic and environmental desolation that is coal country. AMD&ART is a non-profit organization that is artfully transforming environmental liabilities into community assets in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The AMD&ART process is one that combines public art, environmental improvement and community engagement in treating abandoned mine drainage (AMD), the most widespread environmental, economic and social problem of the Appalachian region. Using multidisciplinary intervention and wide public participation, AMD&ART has created a holistic approach to re-creating place that incorporates recreational elements, artful spaces, educational opportunities, historic reminders and restored wildlife habitat into designs for passive AMD treatment systems. This approach honors a past of hard work and community building, bringing that same civic engagement and hard work to the design and construction of treatment systems that reach people, restore nature and revitalize abandoned spaces.

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