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Artist Statement

My work incorporates photography, installation with digital technologies to create hybrid documentary forms that focus on important environmental and ecological issues. The majority of these projects address land use practices and the repercussions of human development within the western United States. Each project evolves from a rigorously researched area of interest on a particular subject, community or region to discuss complex, interrelated issues of the chosen site. With my research, I try to expose the human values and political agendas that form our understanding of these places.

Because I find the World Wide Web an effective site for public art each project has an accompanying web site to provide remote access, interaction and a way for the audience contribute directly to the piece. Most projects have both a virtual and physical aspect with the latter usually in an installative form.

Regardless of the media I choose, I am interested in creating experiences that generate awareness, educate and promote a rich dialogue to encourage debate and inspire my audience to investigate the subject further or take action to affect change within their own community.

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