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Exploring the boundaries between art, science and technology, Brandon Ballengée creates multidisciplinary works out of information generated from ecological field trips and laboratory research. Since 1996, Ballengée has collaborated with numerous scientists to conduct primary biological research and advanced imaging procedures. These activities were outlined in "Ecoventions", a book published in 2002 by the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati.

He has collected specimens for several scientific organizations, including the Peabody Museum at Yale University, The American Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at U.C. Berkeley and others. In 2001, He was nominated for membership into Sigma XI, the Scientific Research Society. His works have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Vienna, London, Seoul, and other cities. These projects have appeared on ABC's World News Tonight, BBC's Today Show and in Art Press, GENEWATCH, MIT's LEONARDO Journal, The Journal of Experimental Zoology, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Sculpture Magazine, The Sciences and others.

His theoretical article, "The Origins and Application of Artificial Selection" is included in the new anthology "Biomediale" published by the National Center for Contemporary Art in Kaliningrad, Russia. In January of 2002 and 2006, he co-taught an ecology art and neotropical evolution course in Costa Rica for Hartwick College. In addition, he regularly conducts ecology/ field biology/ genetics and digital imaging workshops open to the general public at urban parks, zoos, petstores and fish markets.

Ballengée has also attended several artist in residency programs. In 2003 he was an artist in residence at the Natural History Museum in London. He participated in the 2004 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale in Gung Ju, South Korea. In 2005, he participated in the Waterways Project which was installed at the Venice Biennale. Recent solo exhibitions of his work were held at Wave Hill (New York City), The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (NYC), Archibald Arts (NYC), and the Yager Museum (Oneonta, NY) and Kunstverein Ingolstadt in Ingolstadt, Germany. He serves on the board of directors for the Peoples Museum of New York and NurtureArt Non-Profit, Inc. He currently is working towards a dual art and science Ph.D. at the University of Applied Sciences and Art, Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zürich, Switzerland.


Imaging Biodiversity; The Salamanders of New York State (A collaborative project with Dr. Stanley K. Sessions) Hartwick College Science Center, Oneonta, N.Y.

The Red Bloom and Brown Tide; A Visual Survey of Toxic Microalgae The Hillwood Art Museum, Long Island University C.W. Post Campus, Brooksville, N.Y.

The Tragedy of Miscalculated Reason 76 Varick, N.Y.C.

ACME. LABS variation 3 (with an introduction to the FERMI WORM)

The Holland Tunnel Art Projects, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Obsessive Behavioral Study: Subject; Franz Kline and the Potato Project Ulysses Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Down the Belly of the Smithson Serpent, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Woods of the Mind Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

Lament for the Death of the Red Contraption Fort Hayes Gallery, Columbus, Ohio


Eco-Ventures curated by Amy Lipton-Neil and Susan Spaid The Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Open Source- Digital Artists from The E-STAR Program At Alfred University

The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, The Peoples Republic of China

Iterations Revisited/ Electronic Intersections, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y.

EMERGE Archibald Arts, N.Y.C.

Crossing The Line, curated by Valerie Smith, The Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows Park, N.Y.

Big Sky Small World curated by Elizabeth Finch The DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, N.Y,

Art in the Age of the Clone Bronx Academy of Arts and Music, Bronx, N.Y.

Paradise Now; Picturing the Genetic Revolution curated by Marvin Heiferman and Carole Kismaric Exit Art/The First World, N.Y.C.

The Tang Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Queens (Collaborative Project with Peter Warny, Associate Researcher for The New York State Museum) T-7 Building Fort Tillden, Gateway National Recreation Area, N.Y.

The End: An Alternative Vision of Contemporary Culture curated by Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo Exit Art/ The First World, N.Y.C.

Installation The Carnegie Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Paradise 8 curated by Pip Day, Dominique Nahas, Odili Donald Odita, Kenny Schachter, Ingrid Schaffner, Franklin Sirmans, Henry Urbach and Martha Wilson Exit Art/The First World, N.Y.C.

The Road Show curated by Mike Weiss DFN Gallery, N.Y.C.

Out of This World curated by Catherine Valenza The Anthony Giordano Gallery a satellite of the Islip Art Museum Dowling College Oakdale N.Y.

A Room with a View curated by Jeff Gleich and Mike Weiss Sixth @ Prince Gallery, N.Y.C.

Size Matters curated by Mike Weiss Gale Gates Art Center, Brooklyn N.Y.

Preternatural Here Art Space, N.Y.C.

Six Sculptors curated by Marian Griffiths Long Island University Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn N.Y.

Synergetic Observation curated by Jennifer Groves The Cornell Medical Center, N.Y.C.

Nurture Art Group Exhibition The Consulate for the Republic of Hungary, N.Y.C.

Group Exhibition Jorgensen Gallery, N.Y.C.

Group Exhibition curated by Pauline Lethen The Holland Tunnel Art Projects, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Pierogi 2000, New York, The Flatfiles curated by Joe Amrhein Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria

The Fool's Journey The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Flatfiles curated by Joe Amrhein Vasser College Poughkeepsie, N.Y,

Apocalypse Now Here Art Space, N.Y.C.

Pierogi Goes to College curated by Joe Amrhein Bard College, Rheinbeck, N.Y.

Crest 98 curated by Gene Pool Crest Hardware Store, Brooklyn N.Y.

Mega-Salon Portrait Show Jorgensen Gallery, N.Y.C.

Play 473 Broadway Gallery, N.Y.C.

Current Undercurrent The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, N.Y.

New York Drawers, The Pierogi 2000 Flatfiles curated by Joe Amrhein, The Gasworks, London, England.

New York Drawers, The Pierogi 2000 Flatfiles curated by Joe Amrhein, The Corner House, Manchester, England.

Transformations Jorgensen Gallery, N.Y.C.

Art on Paper curated by Joe Amrhein, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, North Carolina

Canny curated by Erik Bakke, Art Projects International, N.Y.C.

In Loving Memory Meta-Phiz Art, N.Y.C.

Terra Bomba; Part Two curated by Papo Colo Exit Art/The First World, N.Y.C.

God Save the Queen, Arthouse; Melbourne, N.S.W., Australia

Group Show curated by Germain Keller, St. Marks Position, N.Y.C.

Taking Stock curated by Kenny Schachter, The Exchange, N.Y.C.

Sauce A La Mode curated by Lisa Shroder Sauce Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Summer Trash curated by Kenny Schachter Flamingo East, N.Y.C.

The Death of The Death of Painting curated by Kenny Schachter 480 Broome St., N.Y.C.

The Crest Hardware Show Curated by Gene Pool Crest Hardware, Brooklyn N.Y

Wish You Were Here organized by Jan Avgikos, Glenn Goldburg and John Tomlinson; New York Studio Program, N.Y.C.

Atrocity Exhibition, Gallery Obsolete, Mohawk Brewery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Areas of Concern, Fort Hayes Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

Take My Hand and Walk My Way Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Summertime Blues, Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergraduate Sculpture Department Show curated by Art Benson Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

The Public Book, The Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Ohio

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