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Artist Statement

I am interested in creating places where people have a sense of being connected- of being a part of something larger. I like creating situations that encourage people to ask their own questions and to make up their own stories. I believe that feeling connected is feeling human. A feeling of ownership is the first step towards citizenship. It is also the antidote for isolation.

I like working with the dynamic elements of a site, the sun, the wind, the water; the systems which are connected to the larger whole. My work comes from an ongoing personal experimental process - research is an important component of my work and I like to collaborate. Because each of my sites has required a unique "language" to bring them to life, my work does not have a signature visual style. My conceptual approach to each project is consistent throughout the solutions have great variation in form, content and physical appearance. Much of my work has been influenced by my long working relationship with the Exploratorium, a museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco.

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