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Artist Statement

The stuff of RiverCubes is human-made: wrested from nature, wrought to our will… Used for a time, then discarded when no longer "useful" or "valued." Where does this stuff come from? Where does it go?? These questions guide a strategy I call Artful Trash Management.

From a human ecology point of view two facts distinguish this region: we live in one of the most reliable watersheds in the United States yet are among the least compliant with the Clean Water Act. We also accept landfill from neighboring states with higher population densities: our land wealth "affords" revenue & waste streams.

RiverCubes provoke reflection on these and related issues. Our common approach to everyday stuff that we no longer want is to place it out of sight: in the trash, in landfills, in rivers and lakes… These RiverCubes were rescued from that fate, and are offered for public viewing with mischievous pleasure. This map names names and indicates collection sites.

The Cubes have traveled the city, incited performance events, and want to live near where they were collected. They are works of philosophy, labors of love, and belong to the rivers. Helper Brothers & Sisters Unite!
Bob Johnson, June 2004, Pittsburgh, PA

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