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Environmental artist, art critic, professor (Faculty of Fine Arts) ; Ahmad Nadalian was born in 1963, in Iran (Sangsar).

In 1983 he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University, studying for a Bachelor Degree in the field of Painting (BA). He completed his studies in1988. In 1991 he began studies at Mphil/ Ph.D. level at the University of Central England (UCE). He completed his studies in 1995 and was awarded a Ph.D. degree.

After his PhD study he went back to his homeland Iran and started carved stones and focused on environmental art. In spring, summer and most holidays he lives in his garden home in Poloor (a village 65 K.M. from Tehran) and enjoys collecting stones, which he considers to be ready made sculptures.

In the 50th Biennale of Venice and he presented his RiverArt project. Then he was invited to many countries for promoting his environmental art.

His environmental art project include the carving on rocks that can be seen in many countries such as Italy, Germany, USA, Spain, France, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and his homeland Iran.

A number of small carved stones by Nadalian have been hidden or buried in different countries such as: Australia, Burkina Faso, Chad, Egypt, Greece, UK, Finland, Morocco, South Korea, Japan, Ireland, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Uzbekistan, France, USA, ... These mostly show images of fish and human hand and foot traces and animals.

The fundamental concern of this artist is the search for harmony with nature, with ourselves, and the universe which surrounds us.

Nadalian's life and artistic activities in Iran and abroad have been the subjects of a documentary films by filmmaker such as Mojtaba Mirtahmasb.

Work by Nadalian covers a variety of techniques: carved stones, environmental installation and video installation, ritual performances He has also presented his concepts in multimedia and interactive art in the World Wide Web. His works have been exhibited in 16 individual exhibitions and he has participated in more than 80 group exhibitions in many countries, such as Japan, The United Kingdom, Finland, and France, ...

Nadalian presents his works via new media, and utilizes the capabilities of the digital age, such as the Internet. A number of websites, such as, and are dedicated to introducing his works. He believes that a website is not only a place to introduce his work, but a contemporary way of conveying his ideas and art.

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