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Artist Statement

My medium of choice is listening. In forms reaching across installation, activism and the spiritual, I celebrate the beauty of creation while mourning what is taken. I dream "middle way" solutions, but mostly, I create spaces for a deep listening to the heart.

Since 1979, my calling has been to find 'the spiritual in art' and my journey hence has centered on uncovering the meaning of the word 'heartist.' The word came to me when I let myself feel the deepest sorrow for "the endangered planet…" With the sorrow came an unshakable resolution and a new inspiration to speak on its behalf… so began the seven-year pilgrimage/ritual performance "the Great Cleansing of the Rio Grande."

In recent years, the ritual performances have tumbled out one on top of the other. "Route 33: The Magic Road" began in 2004. I am traveling to every corner of New Mexico as an art pilgrim knitting together all 33 counties in a great weaving of some yet unfinished pattern. I dialogue about the art of peace and offer a ceremonial gathering, "The Point of Tears."

A recent installation at the International Folk Art Museum of Santa Fe, honoring the Mexican "Day of the Dead," is called "Yitzhak and Leila, the Romeo and Juliet of the Holy Land." The piece is a simple burial mound for the two lovers. The Mexican "Day of the Dead" tradition speaks of "visiting the graves of our close kin and learning from our ancestors." The universal lovers joined in their love are a mantra for meditating on the meaning of death, love and peace. I dedicate the installation to peace workers, in the Holy Land and everywhere, who unfailingly pursue the dream of peace while knowing the pain of loved ones lost.

Ritual and pilgrimage reflect the spiritual in art
private prayers… public rituals---
songs of love for the world.

© 2010