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Artist Statement

I am interested in the possibilites of presenting Nature, its basic elements (Earth, Water, Air), in observing the relationship between Human Being and Nature, and also in trying to develop the ecological consciousness in our society with the help of scientific analysis and art as a "medium". One of the possible instances of the collaboration between art and science in contemporary art is evident in the process of documentation, which requires a cognitive reception of art. It needs to be mentioned that cognitive reception has to deal witht the assumption of ecological art where one can speak of re-cognition. At this poing there is a need to define what we are referring to when we speak about eco-art. Eco is directly related to nature, in particular through a very specific way of how to make people aware of the problem and difficulties of keeping balance in the relationship between Human Beings and Nature, a relationship which could seriously threaten human existence. However; Etymologically eco means a home, house, or dwelling, which clearly shows that ecology first of all deals with things at the smallest scale, that is with micro-relationship of a living being with their environment.

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