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Commissions, Environmental Sculpture, and Installations

"Markers". (Construction in Process), Venice Biennale, Italy. Two-meter banner with tree image and poety installed above Via Garibaldi in Venice, Italy.

"Uprooted and Deified-the Golden Tree", (A fully grown tree unearthed with roots intact, painted gold and installed horizontally in midair, Göteborgs Internationella Konstbiennal, Sweden summer/fall)

"Masterplan-Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie", the Fort Asperen Foundation. 25-year Masterplan to bring into prominence and environmentally sustainable the 85-km long defense line dotted with 70 forts & fortifications built from the 16th -19th centuries in the center region of the Netherlands. The masterplan includes historical preservation, land reclamation, water and flood managment, urban planning, landscape architecture, urban design and community participation. An ongoing project.

"Crystal Fort - Masterplan-Niewuwe Hollandse Waterlinie", original design of a full scale fortress made of glass, to be built along the Waterlinie as part of the overall masterplan and a major tourist attraction. (120'x120'x60')

"The Irish Hunger Memorial", finalist to create a memorial for a half-acre site at Battery Park City, New York

"Poetry Walk-Reflections: Pools of Thought", (with Time Capsule 2000-3000 A.D.), a permanent installation of 20 granite stones (4x5ft each), carved with poetry embedded into lawn at University of Virginia (535 feet by 60 feet). A Millennial Project, sponsored by the University and the University of Virginia Art Museum, Charlottesville, Virginia

"A Forest for Australia", six thousand trees of endangered species with varying heights at maturity, were planted into five spirals forming step pyramids for each spiral when the trees are full grown, 400 x 80 meters, Altoona Treatment Plant, Melbourne, Australia

"Sheep", an installation of live sheep at the American Academy in Rome, Italy (while resident there on a Rome Prize Fellowship)

"Tree Mountain-A Living Time Capsule", Pinsiö gravel pits, Ylöjärvi, Finland; co-sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program and the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Finland. 420x270x28 meters. 11,000 trees planted in an intricate mathematical pattern by 11,000 people from around the world, to be preserved for 400 years. One of the largest reclamations sites in the world and most complex in its philosophy. Declared a national forest.

"Art on the Edge", symbols and poetry carved into edge of Mahtesh Ramon crater; commissioned by the Artist Museum, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

"Hot/Cold Earthship with Heartbeat", 40 ft wooden barge filled with earth, soundtrack of heartbeat-oars, ancient anchor, ropes, chains. Also: "Stelae II," two hand carved granite tablets (1 ton), commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, and the Art Museum of Tampere, Finland for the "Strata" exhibition.

"Roosevelt Island Seawall Project", 200 granite pavers with carved symbols and poetry embedded into a 6500 ft long pedestrian walk along the eastern shore of Roosevelt Island in the East river. Commissioned by the City of New York, Department of Public Art Program, New York. (unrealized)

"Circle of Megaliths with Sundial", Commissioned by the International Center for the Preservation of Wild Animals, a 10,000 acre wildlife preserve and research center in Columbus, Ohio. (in process)

"Introspection I-Evolution", 17 ft mural depicts human evolution. Commissioned by the Harold Washington Library Center. Winner of Chicago Bar Assoc. Young Lawyers Public Art Award. City of Chicago Public Art Program.

Living with Arts Project, Mayor's Commission on Culture and the Arts, Honolulu Police Headquarters, Honolulu, Hawaii (finalist)

"North Waterfront Park Master Plan", Art concept, development and design of ninety-seven-acre landfill. Includes 12-acre wildlife sanctuary, fresh water lake, brackish marsh, tidal pools, lighthouses and sunflower and wildflower meadows. Department of Public Works, City of Berkeley, Calif. Master Plan approved 1991.

"Flying Pyramids for the Twenty-Second Century", environmental sculpture with coral rock, wildflowers, and water features, Miami International Airport, Metro-Dade County Art in Public Places, Florida. (unrealized)

"Bird Project: Visual Investigation of Systems in Motion", research and development grant to produce film on migratory bird colonies in the south of Sweden, American-Scandinavian Foundation

"The Human Argument in Steel & Crystal with Sundial", University City Science Center, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia, Penn. (finalist)

"Hypersphere--The Earth in the Shape of the Universe", five-ton etched glass suspension ceiling, and complete lobby design. Commissioned by the First National Bank of Chicago for their New York City headquarters at Equitable Center, New York. Dedicated January 14, 1987.

"Stelae--Messages from Another Time--Discoveries of Minds and People", two hand-carved marble tablets depict major scientific breakthroughs, Santa Maria di Castello, Genoa, Italy. Commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs & Artemesia, Genoa, Italy.

"Wheatfield - A Confrontation", two acres of wheat planted and harvested in Manhattan's financial district, Battery Park landfill, downtown Manhattan. Commissioned by the Public Art Fund, New York.

"Anima/Persona-The Seed in 4-D", the first 360-degree integral hologram, a holographic film of the growth process in motion.

"Probability Pyramid - The Crystal Pyramid and the Seed", commissioned for the Great Ideas Series, Container Corporation of America, Chicago, Ill.

"Time Capsule", Artpark, Lewiston, New.York.

"Time/Fuse/Attitudes", Bulderup, Sweden

"Rice/Tree/Burial", a three-part project that consists of the planting of a rice field 200 ft above the Niagara gorge, chaining the trees in a sacred Indian forest, burying a time capsule and filming Niagara Falls from its edge. Commissioned by Artpark, Lewiston, New York. (catalog)

"Haiku Poetry Burial, Rice Planting and Tree Chaining", the first eco/philosophical work from the "Eco-Logic" series. Sullivan County, New York.


The Watson Award for Transdisciplinary Achievement in the Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Rome Prize Fellow of American Academy in Rome (FAAR)

Courrant Institute, Research Fellow and Visiting Artist, New York University

Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts, Ripon College, Wisconsin ("Environmental Responsibility')

Studio For Creative Inquiry, Research Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Purchase grant, Richard A. Florsheim Art Fund

Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Public Art Award, ("Introspection I- Evolution", a mural), Harold Washington Library Art Collection, Chicago

The Eugene McDermott Achievement Award, ("In recognition of major contribution to the Arts") M. I. T., Council For The Arts, Cambridge, Ma.


National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship

The Thord-Gray Memorial Fund Research and Development Grant, American-Scandinavian Foundation

American Academy of Arts and Letters, Hassam and Speicher Fund Purchase Award

New York State Council on the Arts, Visual Artists Program grant toward the publication of BOOK OF DUST-The Beginning and the End of Time and Thereafter.

The Ann and Donald McPhail Award (First Prize), Internatl. Print Competition, The Print Club, Philadelphia, Pa.

National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship

Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, M.I.T., Cambridge, Ma.

New York State Council on the Arts, Creative Artists Public Service Grant

Berthe Von Moschzisker Prize, The Print Club, Philadelphia, Pa.

DAAD Fellowship (Deutscher Akademischer Austausdienst), Berlin, Germany

C.A.S.T. Fellowship (Collaboration in Art, Science and Technology) Syracuse U. N.Y.

Museum of Modern Art Purchase with CAPS matching grant, New York

International Women's Year Award, ("In Recognition of Outstanding Cultural Contributions and Education to Women and Art")

National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship

New York State Countil on the Arts, Creative Artist Public Service Grant

National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artists Fellowship

National Drawing Competition, Purchase Prize, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, N.J.

National Print Competition, Purchase Prize, Albion College, Mich.

New York State Council on the Arts, Creative Artists Public Service Grant

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