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Artist Statement

The environment was traditionally presented to us as a vast system of elements swirling around our bodies and our planet. As we look toward the future, fears of global warming and lack of clean water, air, and food, impact poorer countries first. It's like there are two planets: one is always much closer to desperation, the other is comfortably shielded by economics. Industrialized nations can always purchase or process their water if it's contaminated. We have not only the access to food and water, but the energy resources to make them useful.

Our society likes to think that consumption equates wealth, with technology becoming our crutch for avoiding questions of sustainability. As we vacuum up the bounty from the world's sweatshops, corporate America shapes our world into fragments which can be individually dissected for maximum profits. By choosing to view environmental and sociological problems as fixable with technology, we ignore the fact that we are part of a system with a delicate balance.

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