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Artist Statement

With a frugality of means, in spontaneous activity and ceremonial acts, I seek to engage with my immediate environment, and to find moments of abandon and of connection.

I interact intimately with the specificity of my locale, at a most primary and visceral level, on and through my own body.

The activity is often "nothing special", a framing and heightening of the ordinary.

The earth in my garden, these piles of dry leaves or rotting lemons- these are the kernels of my attachment, the non-heroic materials through which, at any given moment I may discover ways to feel 'at home' in the world.

I perform similar kinds of basic activities in different places, using locally gathered materials. Depending on the context within which they occur the physical, social, historical and personal elements these take on different meaning and reverberations.

Here in Israel in the face of the complexity of entangled issues on land and belonging, I try to touch on the texture of this place on an everyday scale.

My activity, my art practice: local and at the same time with a constant awareness of its relationship to the larger context of our fragile existence here on this planet: with a need to reaffirm the primal facts, to recover perhaps a few of the unraveling threads of our interconnection.

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